We Love Christina Grimmie

This is a fan blog about Christina Victoria Grimmie ! Team Grimmie RAWKS
Adam’s Reaction is like “ohhh yes Christina!”

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Anonymous said: Omgosh I'm so proud of Christina right now:D

I am so proud too!!! She is going so far and showing her talent so well, oh gosh, that’s exactly why we love her

She’s still growing up :’)

So guys, how you might know Christina is making a video for her song “Feelin’ Good” and she’s asking for submits video of all Team Grimmie making our hobbies or whatever we like to do!

Ok, you guys probably already know that

BUT I just wanted to remind that you should totally do this for her, this is amazing

So get your camera and take a video doing anything you want and all Frands will love it just like Christina will c:

Thank you, byeeeee

She’s just so cute, ugh

Anonymous said: Hey, you should totally post stuff on here again! I love your blog xx

Oh wow, thank you so much, this means A LOT to me :’)

I’ve been out because of school and stuff, but I’ll be back soon in this vacation :)))